Friday, October 22, 2010

Green Poop and no NG!

Today is a very exciting day.  Lyra got her foley out this morning.  Her nose tube is also now draining by gravity and not suction.  Perhaps she will get clear fluids today?

Her belly is still really swollen and so are her legs.
We got to hold our beautiful daughter for the first time since her surgery!

The most exciting thing today was that Lyra had her green poop!  The surgeons were very excited to see this and one even danced in the bathroom when he saw it!  This means that her Kasai Procedure is working!

These two have a very special bond.

Lyra also got her NG tube out today!   

One very happy baby.

After getting the NG tube out, Lyra started to have some trouble breathing.  When mommy was holding her, she started making choking noises.  Specialists got called in and it was decided that she might have a little cold or she was irritated from the NG tube.

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