Sunday, October 24, 2010

Back to SCU 2

I took the kids to the Halloween Party at the church last night.  It was wonderful to be surrounded by such loving  people and to know that they were there for us.

I went to bed thinking that I would get my first night of sleep in my own bed since October 12th.  That did not last long.  I received a phone call early this morning that said Lyra was having drops in her heart rate and was being sent back to the SCU.  I rushed to her side at 2am.

When I got to the hospital, Lyra was sleeping.
She was really cold so she was under lights.  They had a really sci-fi look to them.  It almost looked like our little Lyra was going to be beamed into outer space.

Lyra's belly was also really swollen.

She still found her Daddy's finger and held on to it.
They decided that they were going to "tap" her belly.  This means that they take some of the fluid out of her belly with a needle.  It helps to drain a little of it, but it also will tell them if she has an infection in her belly that is causing the swelling.

Lyra doesn't like all these cords and is really working hard to remove them!  You can see the little bandage on her left side where they drained her belly.

Eventually they had to put a feeding tube down her throat.  They tried to put it in her nose and it was just too hard to get it in the right spot because of all the swelling.

She was really unhappy about it!

You can really see how distressed she is in this picture.

 Her Daddy loves her so much.  

Before he came to her and put his hand on her, she was screaming and really stressed out.  Just his touch settled her and put her to sleep.