Saturday, October 16, 2010

She has Biliary Atresia

Today we got the worst news of our life.  The doctor called us while we were getting ready to go to the hospital to see Lyra.  Lyra has Biliary Atresia.  Her liver is significantly damaged and has significant scarring.  She has cirrhosis and will eventually require a liver transplant.

Our worst nightmare had been confirmed.  This is the last thing we wanted to hear.  We could have held out hope that there was something else wrong with our baby, but we would have been lying to ourselves if we didn't already know in our hearts that this is what we were going to be told today.

Lyra is going to have a procedure to try to attach her liver to her intestines, bypass the gallbladder, and drain the bile directly into her intestine.  This procedure is most sucessful in babies less than 90 days old.  Lyra is 70 days old and it works better in children younger than her.  If the procedure does not work, she is going to need a liver transplant.

Unfortunately, she will eventually need one anyway.  Her liver is significantly damaged, and she will eventually go into liver failure.

One of her brothers and her sisters came to see her today.  They were all very excited to see her.  The morning Lyra left for the hospital, they had no idea that she would not be coming home.

This is Lyra with her big sister Oracle!

5 out of 6 of our kids.  We are missing her other brother Evan.

He was probably telling her a joke that she didn't get. :)

This is our little Mage.  She was doesn't look like her Daddy at all!

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